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Peru offers incredible kitesurfing as well as a stunning landscape, which makes this the perfect spot to mix kite coaching and exploring. We spend 2 weeks enjoying our private house with a pool and a chef, kitesurfing in both flat water and waves, and going on some amazing trips, like blasting around the dunes in ATVs (dune buggies).

We work with our good friends Casey and Scott who own Perukite and we’ve known for years! We would highly recommend them to anyone looking to visit Peru themselves.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a beautiful tropical island in the Indian ocean with some of the best flat water kite spots you have ever seen, and it’s windy 8 months of the year!

The kitesurfing conditions are one reason we’ve chosen to base ourselves here for the last few years, but also the people, the food and the culture are all fantastic. It’s a great place to kite but also such a good place to travel as well, with temples, elephants, mountains and surf all within easy reach!

For our Sri Lanka trips we work with Kitesurfing Lanka where we’ve both been working the last few years. It’s a great place to hang out after a long day kiting, with the best bar in the area and a range of accommodation options to suit everyone, from tents to air conditioned villas.

For more detailed information on our Sri Lanka trips head HERE.


Brazil is like the Mecca of kitesurfing. Every year thousands of people make the pilgrimage to one of the most consistent wind destinations in the world, and it’s easy to see why. Brazil offers a huge variety of spots, from flat water to pumping waves depending on where you decide to go. Also the cheap Caipirinha’s aren’t so bad….

We always stay in Taiba at the lovely Pousada Blauset. We do one early session per day at the Taiba lagoon for the flat water, then another session later on at the “secret spot” further downwind, which offers a great mix of flat water and small waves.

We have beach buggies so have the freedom to explore various spots, and can also offer the downwinder from the pousada to the secret spot if people are feeling adventurous! It’s such a fun trip for all riding levels, and you’re always surrounded by like minded people.

For more detailed info on our Brazil trips head HERE.

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